Essential Checklist: It’s Time for Beach Vacation 2020

Are you heading to the beach this summer? Have you ever found yourself fuzzing in the very last minute trying to shove more things into your beach bag? And then worst, found out you’ve forgotten something when you’re already hundreds of miles from home? Not so sure of what to bring and what not to?

We know all these messes will ruin every tiny bit of the fun from your fantastic trip. And to get rid of that, here is an essential checklist for your beach holidays. From sunny beaches in California to the wild breeze on the Asian coast, this list covered every item necessary for your summertime. Thus, it’s a helpful little list to keep your luggage clean and light.
We have divided all the things you need to pack in different categories to achieve. Chasing your beachy summer dream has never been so fuzz-free and straightforward! Let’s get into it!

Versatile Beach Luggage

When it comes to traveling, your suitcase and every luggage item should be durable, lightweight, and versatile. And on such a summer trip, you’ll never want to over-packing things.

Medium size, double-wheeled bag, or case should be your best friend on every trip. This item will give you a care-free trip without worrying about how to carry your stuff. And forget the backpack, that thing will kill your back when it comes to carrying stuff. A good quality wheeled-bag offers a large space to keep your items and could be much more durable than you’ve ever thought.

Waterproof Beach bag: You will never want to stick with a wet, gross bag all over your vacation, don’t you? A trendy, useful waterproof beach bag will help with all of your carry-on things. Comfortable to bring, lightweight and looks fashionable, but choosing the best waterproof beach bag is not simple at all, especially if you have no ideas on where to start. Fear not, The Waterproof Lab has some quality reviews on these things here.

Duffle bag: Last but not least, these duffles are the hero to save your day. A small sized duffle bag will give you the mobile ability without being too heavy to exhaust you. And of course, when going to the beach, you should equip a waterproof duffle bag. Accidentally dropping your bag into the pool is not very common, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t happen. And the coastal area is more likely to have their weather change rapidly, so it’s better to have than regret.

Toiletries Bag: Another item to keep your luggage away from being messy is a toiletries bag. It will keep all the things such as shampoo, toothbrush, sunscreen, and all skincare products in one place. Much easier to pack, far convenient to reach out.


Never Go Wrong with This 5 Tips for Choosing Best Beach Jewelry

We all love to have some accessories; it’s such an elegant way to show off our fashion taste. And what’s a better time to do it than a phenomenal beach vacation?

Whenever hitting the beach, picking up some swimsuits, waterproof beach bags, and sunglasses is already a must. But no woman’s outlook is complete without a touch of some beautiful jewelry. How to choose the right pieces to match your beachy vibe? How to spice up your beach style with just a few jewelry items? What item should you wear to the beach without worry?

If that’s what’s on your mind right now, you have come to the right place. With these five awesome and essential tips up your sleeve, you can rock your jewelry every beach with fierceness. With no further ado, let’s get into it!



Choose Your Style And Color

You often think beach holidays are to relax and chill with sunshine, golden sand, and some cocktails, and clothing shouldn’t be too complicated? Well, my dear, now we have to change that. You still want that hot and attractive photo to post on Instagram, don’t you? That’s why the first step is to choose your outfit. If you’re wondering how to mix and match different colors, here’s our tip. Search for a beach color theme on your favorite search engine, and you will find the perfect match.

Completing a beautiful outfit is not hard at all, but yet still very necessary, since based on that, you can choose your accessories. Remember to select pieces that compliment your clothes. For example, if you love the flowy look outside of your bathing suit, silver and the wooden item will look beautiful on you. Choose 2-3 pairs of jewelry and put them into a dust bag then place them into your waterproof beach bag to keep them clean and dry all the time.

Jewelry Hazard That You Should Be Aware

Jewelry Hazard That You Should Be Aware



Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Precious Jewelry: Free Tips & Tricks

Summer break is coming close, are you ready to go to the beach? Spending some quality time in the coastal region is just more than a dream after these snowy days. As summer is right around, pack up with your waterproof beach bag, take some sexy bikini along with your best set of jewelry and let’s get beachy. But every trip consists of some risky chances and harm to your beautiful jewelry. On behalf of all items that have been lost in the sandy beaches, all rings that get heavily stained by seawater and every earring you left in those hotel rooms, here we are to save your summer dream. This is our ultimate guide with tips to protect your jewelry from summer damage.

Protect Your Jewelry

Many Told You Not To, But We’re Different

There are thousands of articles that will tell you to never, ever wear jewelry to the beach. But we are not them. How could you complete your gorgeous outfit without some sparkling? Or maybe that earrings go well with those lovely swimsuits. There is no such thing as too risky when it comes to fashion and beauty; just wear what you want. We know that it’s impossible to leave those charming jewelry behind, so bring it. It’s the best time to show off your bling, but now, we will show you how to protect it from every harm possible.

Right Time – Right Place: Remove Your Jewelry

One of the best things to do at the beach is to take that hottie pic and post it on Instagram then to chill in the sunset with some cocktails. We get it, that sounds totally safe to wear some sparkles. But how about getting into that freshwater, or tanning under the sunlight? On some specific occasions, you might need to consider taking them off.

Remove your jewelry and put them in a waterproof beach bag before swimming or attending substantial activities. Seawater and sweat are high in salt and other natural elements that can leave some remarkable stain on your new jewelry. Sands is also an enemy of accessories of all kinds. It might look soft and harmless, but believe us, it will cause some unpleasant scratches on your gemstone and metals jewelry.

Also, you will not want your accessories to slip away in the water, so before joining into the cold seawater or hot tub, remember to take them off. Chlorine in pools and hot tubs do cause some discolor to gold and platinum pieces while washes of the shiny finish of gemstone.

How To Protect Your Jewelry?

Before jumping into the maintenance part, we would love to show you how to store and protect your jewelry while on the trip first. If you’re about to head to the beach, it is essential to have a waterproof beach bag. We found that it is the best way to keep your items always dry and get rid of damp beach bags. The Waterproof Lab has many choices of design for your summer waterproof beach bag, and we recommend having at least one. They also supply many other waterproof products for your beachy times.