Never Go Wrong with This 5 Tips for Choosing Best Beach Jewelry

We all love to have some accessories; it’s such an elegant way to show off our fashion taste. And what’s a better time to do it than a phenomenal beach vacation?

Whenever hitting the beach, picking up some swimsuits, waterproof beach bags, and sunglasses is already a must. But no woman’s outlook is complete without a touch of some beautiful jewelry. How to choose the right pieces to match your beachy vibe? How to spice up your beach style with just a few jewelry items? What item should you wear to the beach without worry?

If that’s what’s on your mind right now, you have come to the right place. With these five awesome and essential tips up your sleeve, you can rock your jewelry every beach with fierceness. With no further ado, let’s get into it!



Choose Your Style And Color

You often think beach holidays are to relax and chill with sunshine, golden sand, and some cocktails, and clothing shouldn’t be too complicated? Well, my dear, now we have to change that. You still want that hot and attractive photo to post on Instagram, don’t you? That’s why the first step is to choose your outfit. If you’re wondering how to mix and match different colors, here’s our tip. Search for a beach color theme on your favorite search engine, and you will find the perfect match.

Completing a beautiful outfit is not hard at all, but yet still very necessary, since based on that, you can choose your accessories. Remember to select pieces that compliment your clothes. For example, if you love the flowy look outside of your bathing suit, silver and the wooden item will look beautiful on you. Choose 2-3 pairs of jewelry and put them into a dust bag then place them into your waterproof beach bag to keep them clean and dry all the time.

Jewelry Hazard That You Should Be Aware

Jewelry Hazard That You Should Be Aware


If you do not notice, when taking your jewelry to the beach, there are chances that they can be damaged. But not letting that keeps you from rocking your favorite items, follow these hazard concerns. Then we will also show you how to take care of them within seconds.

Sand: which might seem so soft and safe, right? But baby, we must say that the sand is your jewelry first enemy. It can harm your items and scratch it. If you’re about to bring diamond or gemstone to the beach, keep them away from the sandy area. One more thing to do is to clean them as soon as you get back from the beach. This will help you avoid scratches and stains that stick to your items.


Salt: the old friend salty beach water, this is what might come into your mind first when speaking of hazard, right? Saltwater can leave stains on your metal jewelry, especially silver. So you might consider taking off your items after taking that gorgeous photo to keep them away from the saltwater. Another thing to do is clean them with fresh, clean water and a soft brush to make them spark as always.

Sunscreen: this is the thing that no one ever thought of but will affect the shine of your accessories. However, when getting to the beach, sunscreen is a must-have item in your waterproof beach bag. So before putting on your jewelry, remember to spend some good time with sunscreen to make sure they’re all dry and pleasant to go.

Stay Simple As Much As Possible

While choosing your jewelry to bring to the beach, ask yourself, what would you feel if you lose it? When going on holiday, actually every holiday, there are high chances that you will ruin or lose your jewelry items. If you find that you’ll regret it so much, then you should leave it at home. One more tip is to keep them in a small dust bag to avoid scratching it or lose it somewhere in your hotel room.

Always Take It Off Before Swimming or Sleeping

Not just keeping them away from any harm possible, you will not want to lose them into the ocean or the bottom of your bed. Taking off your jewelry will save them from being tangled together or running into any chemical hazard, as we have mentioned previously.

Got A Waterproof Beach Bag?

Waterproof Wallet and Passport

We have mentioned this million times, yes, we know. But seriously, do you ever want your bag to get sandy and wet all day long? That will not only make your look seem clumsy and not cool at all, but they will harm all of the items that you put into it. And obviously, where to keep these dazzling jewelry when you’re out for a swim? Where to keep your phone and other accessories, even some small clothing pieces to stay dry after swimming? Bring yourself a waterproof beach bag and keep everything safe and sound while you’re enjoying your holiday. Thus, the Waterproof Lab offers a vast range of designs for the waterproof beach bag. Keep your essential and jewelry safe with these bags, and you’re good to go.

BONUS: How To Clean Your Jewelry After A Beachy Vacation?

From the most natural hacks to the most professional ones, here we’ve got you covered on how to take care of your accessories. The first thing to do after some excellent time on the beach is to give them a quick wipe with a soft cloth. You can use some alcohol-free baby wipes to give your jewelry a basic, quick clean. This will help clean up any small stains that catch up while you’re wearing, and it’s good for your trip.

Next, if you’re still not very lazy or in a rush, give it a better clean with soap. Mix up your soap with water in the 1:2 ratio and put your jewelry into the mixture and brush them off with a soft brush. Then rinse them with clean water and pat dry with a soft towel. Avoid storing your accessories while it’s still wet, as you don’t want some ugly rusty jewelry.

Everyone loves a beautiful holiday outlook, and a bit of sparkling never fails to compliment your beauty. While choosing accessories for your beach holiday can take a while, keeping essentials such as a waterproof beach bag up your alley is much more comfortable.