About Taara

Jewelry designer Megha Jain is capitalizing on the enchanted nature of gemstones by creating timeless treasures coveted by jewelry lovers around the world.

Tired of chasing the deadlines at Morgan Stanley, Jain took a leap of faith and moved from New York to Hong Kong in 2008 to explore her creative side. The brand, which is an extension of her Aunts parent company, mixes old world charm with new school fabrications, that result in unique pieces that are not only fashion forward, but one of a kind.

For her, the east meets west allure of her collection will never go out of style, and as the unequivocal statement of elegance and class, she has positioned Taara as an industry standard to be adored for generations to come.

Shanhan Collection

Shanhan means fan in Chinese. Once shaken in hand, a cool breeze embraces you. This feeling incorporates spring time coming and the winter season disappearing. The chinese fans date back to over 2000 years ago and were constructed from chinese silk, thread and paint. I wanted to use these shapes and materials to construct a collection that is delicate, yet bold and striking with the color choices. The inherent inspiration is of course Indian but I wanted to draw on my time spent in China and Hong Kong.