Essential Checklist: It’s Time for Beach Vacation 2020

Are you heading to the beach this summer? Have you ever found yourself fuzzing in the very last minute trying to shove more things into your beach bag? And then worst, found out you’ve forgotten something when you’re already hundreds of miles from home? Not so sure of what to bring and what not to?

We know all these messes will ruin every tiny bit of the fun from your fantastic trip. And to get rid of that, here is an essential checklist for your beach holidays. From sunny beaches in California to the wild breeze on the Asian coast, this list covered every item necessary for your summertime. Thus, it’s a helpful little list to keep your luggage clean and light.
We have divided all the things you need to pack in different categories to achieve. Chasing your beachy summer dream has never been so fuzz-free and straightforward! Let’s get into it!

Versatile Beach Luggage

When it comes to traveling, your suitcase and every luggage item should be durable, lightweight, and versatile. And on such a summer trip, you’ll never want to over-packing things.

Medium size, double-wheeled bag, or case should be your best friend on every trip. This item will give you a care-free trip without worrying about how to carry your stuff. And forget the backpack, that thing will kill your back when it comes to carrying stuff. A good quality wheeled-bag offers a large space to keep your items and could be much more durable than you’ve ever thought.

Waterproof Beach bag: You will never want to stick with a wet, gross bag all over your vacation, don’t you? A trendy, useful waterproof beach bag will help with all of your carry-on things. Comfortable to bring, lightweight and looks fashionable, but choosing the best waterproof beach bag is not simple at all, especially if you have no ideas on where to start. Fear not, The Waterproof Lab has some quality reviews on these things here.

Duffle bag: Last but not least, these duffles are the hero to save your day. A small sized duffle bag will give you the mobile ability without being too heavy to exhaust you. And of course, when going to the beach, you should equip a waterproof duffle bag. Accidentally dropping your bag into the pool is not very common, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t happen. And the coastal area is more likely to have their weather change rapidly, so it’s better to have than regret.

Toiletries Bag: Another item to keep your luggage away from being messy is a toiletries bag. It will keep all the things such as shampoo, toothbrush, sunscreen, and all skincare products in one place. Much easier to pack, far convenient to reach out.

All Toiletries Needed

Moving away from the waterproof beach bag and duffle category, now it’s time to pack all your essentials. Many hotels and resorts don’t provide toothbrushes and toothpaste, so you might need to bring along during your holiday.

If you find that hard to remember, here is the essential checklist for your toiletries:
Small brush
Hair Styling products
Face cleanser
Skincare products
Lip balm
Hand sanitizer
Disposable wipes
Birth control
Travel first-aid kit
Travel medical pills

Travel Items You Should Never Forget

Next up is the entire list of items that you should bring whenever you travel. These are both your daily essential and electronic products. Believe us. Your trip can not be good without these things. The list will start with some of the top priorities.
Passport/ID and copies
Plane/train/… tickets
Phone/laptop/tablet charger
Credit/ATM cards
Laptop/Tablet (for woking purpose, if needed)
Travel Insurance
Keep in mind that no trip could be smooth and enjoyable without these little guys. Try to pack them first before touching the ground of clothing. If you travel by plane, bring some dry snacks like a protein bar and an empty water bottle. That will save your day much more than you think.

Clothing and Accessories

Last but definitely not least, it’s the clothing category. Now, it depends on how long your trip is and what kind of activities you will attend to finalize what you should bring. If your vacation is all about exploring and outdoor activity, you’ll need some more clothes that are suitable for those activities. But if you’re going shopping mostly, bring fewer clothes as you’ll buy much more. Always remember to leave some space for small souvenirs that you might want to bring home after the trip.

But in this checklist, we will list down very general items that you might need. Tick them up with quantities to your desire, and it’s good to go.

Underwear (counts your trip’s day and add 1 or 2 spare pairs)
Socks (same to underwear)
Shirt (if you’re attending a formal event, bring a dress shirt)
Pants/ Jeans
Dress and skirts (for ladies)
Flip flops
Lightweight jacket

And never forget your jewelry. When going to the beach, bring some gorgeous bling accessories with you. This will help with your beach time pics and nightlife hangouts. Put your jewelry in a small dust bag to keep them from scratching together.

Extra Tips

Before getting to the care-free trip ahead, there are some more critical things to do. The first is with mails and deliveries. Hold them and stop deliveries during your trips. Next is with your home appliances. Unplug and shut down all unused electronics to avoid accidents. Put your light on timers for safety. Then carefully locked all your doors, windows, and garage doors. Last but not least, secure your valuables. Cash, jewelry, and other pricey items should be placed safely at your bank of some hidden storage.

If you have some pets, it’s best to send them to a pet hotel to have someone taking care of them during the days you’re away. Choose a reliable place to keep your pets and give them medical instruction of your furry friends if needed.

With this all up, you’re good to go. Summer vacation is supposed to be amazing and joyful, so don’t let any mistake ruin that. Go through these checklists a few times before heading to the beach and enjoy your time.