Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Precious Jewelry: Free Tips & Tricks

Summer break is coming close, are you ready to go to the beach? Spending some quality time in the coastal region is just more than a dream after these snowy days. As summer is right around, pack up with your waterproof beach bag, take some sexy bikini along with your best set of jewelry and let’s get beachy. But every trip consists of some risky chances and harm to your beautiful jewelry. On behalf of all items that have been lost in the sandy beaches, all rings that get heavily stained by seawater and every earring you left in those hotel rooms, here we are to save your summer dream. This is our ultimate guide with tips to protect your jewelry from summer damage.

Protect Your Jewelry

Many Told You Not To, But We’re Different

There are thousands of articles that will tell you to never, ever wear jewelry to the beach. But we are not them. How could you complete your gorgeous outfit without some sparkling? Or maybe that earrings go well with those lovely swimsuits. There is no such thing as too risky when it comes to fashion and beauty; just wear what you want. We know that it’s impossible to leave those charming jewelry behind, so bring it. It’s the best time to show off your bling, but now, we will show you how to protect it from every harm possible.

Right Time – Right Place: Remove Your Jewelry

One of the best things to do at the beach is to take that hottie pic and post it on Instagram then to chill in the sunset with some cocktails. We get it, that sounds totally safe to wear some sparkles. But how about getting into that freshwater, or tanning under the sunlight? On some specific occasions, you might need to consider taking them off.

Remove your jewelry and put them in a waterproof beach bag before swimming or attending substantial activities. Seawater and sweat are high in salt and other natural elements that can leave some remarkable stain on your new jewelry. Sands is also an enemy of accessories of all kinds. It might look soft and harmless, but believe us, it will cause some unpleasant scratches on your gemstone and metals jewelry.

Also, you will not want your accessories to slip away in the water, so before joining into the cold seawater or hot tub, remember to take them off. Chlorine in pools and hot tubs do cause some discolor to gold and platinum pieces while washes of the shiny finish of gemstone.

How To Protect Your Jewelry?

Before jumping into the maintenance part, we would love to show you how to store and protect your jewelry while on the trip first. If you’re about to head to the beach, it is essential to have a waterproof beach bag. We found that it is the best way to keep your items always dry and get rid of damp beach bags. The Waterproof Lab has many choices of design for your summer waterproof beach bag, and we recommend having at least one. They also supply many other waterproof products for your beachy times.

Another necessary item is a dust bag. You can store your jewelry separately in different dust to avoid them smashing and cling into one another. This also helps protect them from unexpected scratches that you will not be pleased with.

Maintenance Time: How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

Alright, after rocking these gorgeous pieces for a couple of days, then shove them back into the waterproof beach back, it’s time to clean it.
One of the most natural solutions to clean these lovely babies gives them a good and thorough wipe. You can use any non-alcohol baby wipes if you have, or else just a damp soft towel is enough while you’re staying at the hotel. Then just simply put them back in the dust bag and store them safely in your waterproof beach bag.

Next, once you’ve returned from your incredible vacation, you should give the jewelry another clean. Started with DIY cleaning soapy water and a soft toothbrush, now you can clean it up like a pro. Immerge your accessories into the soap water and gently brush them to remove any stain left on it and the remaining sunscreen that got stuck after the trip. After that, just run them through clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth. You should not store your pieces while they’re still wet all over. Let them dry out before putting them back in your safe places.
Also, while you’re cleaning it, watch out for some warning issue of your jewelry to treat them properly. It is best to check for loose gems or breaking chances before it happens to remove or fix it. If you spot any, bring them to where you bought them for checking ups for fixing any remaining issues.

Get Jewelry Insurance

Are you going to take that expensive diamond ring to the beach? Does that item seem to be costly? What would you feel if you accidentally lost it? These are the questions you might need to answer before packing it up and putting it in your waterproof beach bag. If that piece of jewelry is pricey or valuable, like your engagement ring, an old necklace from your family, you should consider having jewelry insurance. In case the item is lost, stolen, or roughly damaged, the insurance will ensure quite a fair amount of money back to your pocket.

Summer trips are fascinating to enjoy, and putting on bling bling jewelry is impossible to resist. Who doesn’t want to look pretty on holiday photos? Just follow all these instructions that we have said, and you will be safe and sound for your vacation. Don’t forget to store them in a safe place and clean them usually to keep your jewelry shining every time. We hope that you could have some fantastic summer trips without worrying about damaging your precious items.